School Psychology


What is a School Psychologist?

    School psychologists are educational specialists who use their knowledge of psychology and educational research to help the many educational problems experienced by children, teachers, and parents. The school psychologist is skilled in the areas of psycho-educational assessment, childhood development, behavioral management, and consultation. In addition, they are advocates for children in all settings.
    School Psychologists have to know a lot of information about many different things. The school psychologist must continually remain apprised of the many issues affecting the lives of students in their schools. The school psychologist is able to address numerous issues such as the following:


 Crisis Intervention  Behavioral Management Techniques
 Attention Deficit Disorders  Special Education Regulations


What is the School Psychologist's role?


     Learning Disabilities  Traumatic Brain Injuries
     Autism/PDD  Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
     Intellectual Disabilities  Developmental Delays
     Preschool Assessment  ADHD Assessments


    How do I contact a School Psychologist?

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